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According to the New York Times around 40 % of the Americans experience fear of flying to some degree. A long time I’ve been among those people. Every time I had to fly I felt anxious and nervous weeks before. On the plane I tried to calm myself with alcohol or sleeping pills, but nonetheless I arrived sweaty and unrelaxed at my business meetings. Moreover, I avoided to visit my best friend in Italy for years.

My fear of flying cut my freedom! And three years ago I decided to no longer  accept this.

Back then, I started to search for all kind of recommendations and treatments how I can finally overcome my fear of flying. Drugs like Valium or Xanax are still widely used, but I simply didn’t want to take drugs for a long-term and experience the negative side effects. That was the time when I started to create Wingz and fortunately, I also found other helpful tips how to overcome fear of flying naturally. I tried many of them and found five to be most effective.

In this FREE Whitepaper you’ll find my personal top five methods that helped me feel more relaxed and comfortable on a plane.


With this FREE Whitepaper, you’ll be able to:



  • Better understand your fear of flying
  • Be more comfortable on your next journey
  • Learn about natural tips that will help you to relax
  • Find quick and easy to try on your next fly

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