How celebrities cope with the fear of flying

Does the thought of getting into a plane terrify you? You’re not alone. A fear of flying – also known as aerophobia, aviatophobia, or aviophobia – is widely shared among our population. Even though it’s hard to pin down an exact number, some studies come to the result that around 40 per cent of all Americans have a certain amount of flying anxiety.

Among those people are also well-known celebrities, even though traveling is an important part of their job. Some of them even refused interesting projects, because they were too terrified. Others found a way to arrange themselves with their fear. Today I’d like to share with you how Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Megan Fox cope with the fear of flying. Let’s see what we can learn from them.

Jennifer Aniston

In an interview with China Daily, Aniston said:

“I had one really bad flight where we were caught in an electrical storm. We shouldn’t have been in the air… What scares me is taking off, because I don’t understand how the plane gets up there.”

Aniston also mentioned that her fear of flying has improved over time, maybe because she realized even after flying so many times, nothing really bad has happened.

Colin Farrell

Really – Colin Farrell as well? Yes, even though he might play the hard guy in the movies, Farrell gets trembling knees when it’s time for take-off. The Irish actor told

“I hate it, man. It just seems highly unnatural to me. I’ve taken a few (pills) in my time. I’m trying not to (now) ‘cause I’ve had a few messy affairs on planes. I’ve been lucky they haven’t leaked a few (stories) of when I went bonkers. They nearly had the handcuffs out at one stage on British Airways.”

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has by far the most original strategy to cope with the fear of flying – Britney Spears. In an interview with Perez Hilton she said:

 “I developed that (a fear of flying) when I turned 20. All of a sudden I got really afraid to get on airplanes. I had to come up with a way to deal with it because I didn’t want to have panic attacks every time I get on a plane. I know for a fact it’s not in my destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album, so I always put that on in my (headphones) when I’m flying because I know it won’t crash if I’ve got Britney on.”

What can we learn from them about the fear of flying?

Losing control or the fear of becoming a panic attack are only two reasons why people are afraid to fly. The reasons may vary but the result is the same. Thousands of people avoid flying and this can not only affect business success but equally your personal life. The good news are that there’s help! I was such a terrified flyer three years ago, but I managed to overcome my fear of flying with natural methods and with the help of Wingz. And if I made it, I’m convinced you can do the same!

Jennifer Aniston brought up a very good point when she said she is scared because she doesn’t know how the plane gets up into the air. Not understanding how airplanes work can cause or reinforce your fear of flying. Because we humans are likely to fear what we don’t understand.

The good thing is that we can easily fix our lack of knowledge. We can educate ourselves about airplanes and the people who work in aviation. I put a detailed explanation about this in my Guide “How to overcome the fear of flying”. Try it out and I bet you’ll be surprised. Many people told me their newly gained understanding about aircraft and the extensive safety procedures really made a difference. It’s time to get over your fear of flying and finally enjoy traveling!

And why not also listen to Britney next time you get on a plane. Or do you already have some personal coping strategies? Then share them with us, I’d love to hear them.

Image credit: Pimkie